Create Attractive Planter Boxes With Ledger Stone Panels

Ledger Stone Planter Boxes

“Front yard landscape signatures your first impression on people.”

Front yard landscape can guide visitors to the front door. The “first impression” is the first glimpse of your landscape when the guests drive or approach on the street. The first impression may be a seldom-used corner of you front yard or front door. Use this first glimpse to provide a taste of a street side fragrant flowers or lush planting.

Plant a bouquet of fragrant flowers to welcome guests along your entry walk. Don’t forget the pathway to your front door, the pleasant aroma of plants will help you shed the worries of the day as you transition from work to home.

Your impressive front yard warrants your sweat & effort, how to create attractive planter boxes? It’s good idea to use Ledger Stone Panels, these real stone veneers are modular in design, with an exclusive interlocking Z feature to ensures the dry ledger stone panels fit tightly together, like puzzle pieces. These stone veneer are clean, which allows for groutless, seamless installation.

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